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There are a lot of famous games that are played daily by a lot of people . League Of Legends is one or as many call it as “LOL” . After many and many attempts from our developers they have finally managed to find a bug from League Of Legends that they have used it to make League Of Legends Hacks and Riot Points Hack so you can get free riot points

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With our League of Legends Hacks you can get free access to 10$-100$ riot points. You will get for free all things you can get from riot points, and you can repeat this how many times you want . The hack uses proxies so you won’t get caught by their bots/server and get your account banned. So you can use this hack without any worries about your account, you can try it on mini accounts just to see the results from the hack and then try it on your main account .

You can get unlimited RP’s with our League of Legends hacks , use this now and don’t spend anymore money on league of legends to buy riot points. If you are using iPhone or Android you can still do it! And the best thing that you don’t need to have you phone jailbreak or anything and for samsung you don’t need you phone to be rooted! You can do it the same as on pc! Also if you use your phone you will get some bonus from our website because we are trying to have have more mobile users!

League Of Legends Hack Riot Points

hack lol


First of all I want to start by saying many respect for league of legends developers they are made a good game to play .. Until they started to think more about money then users! but we are not advocates of their extreme high prices for riot pointsLeague of legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game that is inspired from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne . In January 2014 this game was played from 64 Million players per 1 month , and 27 million per day , in September 2016 the game has announced that they have over 100 million players active per month.

League of legends has  3 current running game modes: Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss .The players play against each other in matches where they last from 20 to 60 minutes , players before start of every game they choose their champions which they control.Riot points are in-game currency and they can be used to buy stuff that help your gaming experience like for example : Champions , skins for champions and other thing that can help you get more experience points for your summoner.


League of Legends hacks


hack lol


League Of Legends Cheats

Are the league of legends cheats legal? Yes they are you won’t go to jail or anything for using them. Will you get banned from the game for using cheats? Yes you can if you use weak and non protected cheats. Will you get banned if you use our hack? No you won’t because our hack is well written in code and our League Of Legends Hacks is safe. Our hack uses proxies to defend your idendity so the lol servers can’t detect who is using the hack so you will be safe.

The hack overall is pretty easy you just need to select how many riot points you need and you are pretty much done!! Try it your self today so you will be a king tomorrow. A lot of top users use our hack because they don’t want to spend money on the game when they can get free things! So if top users use and they are using for a long time why should you not use it? Be a part of this to remind league of legends that they should develop games for better user experiense and not only for money!

There are a lot of different cheats across the internet but as I said before mostly of them are very very weak . 95% don’t even work and 4% of them have a weak security so they get shut down after first week of release. That’s the reason a lot of people use our hack. Not only we are not fake but we don’t get down from the big boys! Even if we get down we come back in the same days providing free stuff like always! And the best thing is that our hack is 24/7 online , and we work worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you are from you still can use the hack without any problem and you will get riot points by our riot points generator! So use now this League of Legends Hack and be strong!


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