Seafight Hack – Get pearls and gold for free


The famous game of Bigpoint now has a free hack / cheat . Now you can get those seafight free pearls for free.  One user of our website has sent us a message about this game and he wanted to find a hack about it . After a lot of checking and testing we can introduce you the Seafight Hack .


Seafight Cheats

Seafight was created by Bigpoint . Its a free pirate game , you have a little ship where you will have to buy slots / designs  and strong cannons so you can beat others. This game is very famous in a lot of countries , is a browser game so you don’t have to download anything to play it , you just need to go to their website and play . But it’s not that easy to get strong  . You get only 3,000 pearls when you start and you can’t buy anything with those pearls .

Basically this games tells you from begging that you need to spend money here to get stronger , which in most cases you will have to spend a lot of money just to become an average player. There have been a lot of bugs earlier on this game and a lot of players took advantage from it , and a lot of players got banned .

Seafight Cheats


Other Seafight Cheats don’t use proxies like we do, our hack is totally secure you won’t get caught using our hack or get banned from it . The hack uses proxies to defend your identity and sends the signal on server like you bought the pearls and not hacked it . With pearls you can get more slots for your ship . you can buy designs buy crystals so you can get more skills and the most important you can use the pearls to get castles so you can be more and more stronger . So use our Seafight Hack and get stronger today!

Seafight Free crystals